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RN Destroyer Classes; C class 1913

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RN Destroyer Classes; C class 1913

Postby Centurian on Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:00 am

C class (3-funnelled, 30-knot classes)

Star class1896–1897
HMS Chamois
HMS Crane
HMS Flying Fish
HMS Star [below]

HMS Whiting
Avon class 1896–1897
HMS Avon
HMS Bittern
HMS Otter
HMS Vixen
Brazen class 1896–1898
HMS Brazen
HMS Electra
HMS Kestrel
HMS Recruit
HMS Vulture
Violet class 1897
HMS Lee (Photograph shortly)
HMS Sylvia (Photograph shortly)
HMS Violet
Mermaid class 1897–1898
HMS Cheerful
HMS Mermaid
Gipsy class 1897
HMS Fairy
HMS Osprey
HMS Gipsy
Bullfinch class 1898
HMS Bullfinch
HMS Dove
Fawn class 1897–1899
HMS Fawn
HMS Flirt
Falcon class 1899–1900
HMS Leven,
HMS Ostrich,
HMS Falcon (sometimes listed as Gipsy class) [below]

Greyhound class 1900–1901
HMS Greyhound
HMS Racehorse
HMS Roebuck
Hawthorn Leslies special type Viper class 1899, steam turbine specials
HMS Velox (See other entries HMS Velox on forum)
HMS Viper
Thornycroft special 1898
HMS Albatross
John Brown special private builds Thorn class 1901
HMS Thorn
HMS Tiger
HMS Vigilant
Armstrong Whitworth Special 1900
HMS Cobra
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