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RN Destroyer Class: Admiralty R Class (1916-1917)

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RN Destroyer Class: Admiralty R Class (1916-1917)

Postby AdmiralOgle on Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:12 pm

Admiralty R class 1916–1917

The R class consisted of 62 destroyers built between 1916-1917 improving on earlier fuel usage by the M-class, using two shafts and geared turbines, compared with the three shafts and direct turbines of the Admiralty M class. A 4”gun mounted on a bandstand was the distinguishing feature from the earlier ships.

As well as ships to the standard 'Admiralty' design, more R class were designed and built by the two specialist builders of Yarrow’s & Thornycroft’s to their own design teams specifications (see Yarrow later M class & Thornycroft M class, Admiralty improved R Class).

8 R-class ships were sunk during the war, the rest eventually scrapped, but HMS Skate, survived to see service in World War II as a convoy escort, making her the oldest destroyer to see wartime service with the Royal Navy, with a second, HMS Radiant transferred to the Royal Siamese Navy as Phra Ruang in 1920 and still survives to this day but only as a discarded hulk.

All had three-funnels and saw in World War I, with some converted to minelayers.

Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Tyne

HMS Radstock, launched 3 June 1916
HMS Raider, launched 17 July 1916
HMS Sorceress, launched 29 August 1916.
HMS Torrent, launched 26 November 1917; mined in the North Sea 23 December 1917.
HMS Torrid, launched 10 February 1917 wrecked off Falmouth while under tow en route to breakers 16 March 1937.

Built by Hawthorn Leslies, Hebburn Tyne.

HMS Thisbe, launched 8 March 1917
HMS Thruster, launched 10 January 1917
HMS Sarpedon, launched 1 June 1916
HMS Starfish, launched 27 September 1916
HMS Stork, launched 15 November 1916

Built by John Brown & Company, Clydebank

HMS Romola,; launched 14 May 1916
HMS Rowena, launched 1 July 1916
HMS Restless, launched 12 August 1916
HMS Rigorous, launched 30 September 1916
HMS Simoon, launched 30 October 1916; torpedoed bY German torpedoe boat S.50 in the North Sea January 1917.
HMS Skate, launched 11 January 1917
HMS Tarpon launched 10 March 1917
HMS Telemachus, launched 21 April 1917

Built by William Denny and Brothers, Dumbarton

HMS Rocket launched 2 July 1916
HMS Rob Roy launched 29 August 1916
HMS Redgauntlet launched 23 November 1916

Built by Harland and Wolff, Govan;

HMS Skilful, launched 3 February 1917
HMS Springbok, launched 9 March 1917
HMS Tenacious, launched 21 May 1917
HMS Tetrarch,; launched 20 April 1917
HMS Salmon, launched 7 October 1916; renamed HMS Sable in December 1933
HMS Sylph, launched 15 November 1916 but stranded while under tow en route to breakers January 1927 and broken up at Aberavon.

Built by William Beardmore and Company, Dalmuir

HMS Satyr, launched 27 December 1916
HMS Sharpshooter, launched 27 February 1917
HMS Tancred, launched 30 June 1917

Built by Alexander Stephen and Sons, Linthouse, Govan;

HMS Sturgeon, launched 11 January 1917
HMS Sceptre, launched 18 April 1917
HMS Tormentor, built by Stephen; launched 22 May 1917 wrecked off South Wales while under tow en route to breakers 13 December 1929.
HMS Tornado, built by Stephen; launched 4 August 1917; mined in the North Sea 23 December 1917.

Built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company;

HMS Tempest, launched 26 January 1917.

Built by William Doxford & Sons, Sunderland;

HMS Redoubt, launched 28 October 1916
HMS Recruit, launched 9 December 1916; torpedoed in the North Sea by UB-16 9 August 1917

Built by J. Samuel White, Cowes;

HMS Sable, launched 28 June 1916
HMS Setter, launched 18 August 1916; sunk in collision with HMS Sylph off Harwich 17 May 1917.
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